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Mother Poster

Name: Mother

Original name: 마더

Director: Kim Cheol-Kyu

Cast: Lee Bo-Young, Heo Yool, Lee Hye-Young

Release year: 2018

Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:10

Status: Complete

Country: Korean

Subtitles: English

Genre: Romance


A young girl named Hye-Na (Heo Yool) is abused by her mother Ja-Young (Ko Sung-Hee). Although she is not okay, she tells other people she is alright. Soo-Jin (Lee Bo-Young) is a temporary teacher at the elementary school where Hye-Na attends. Soo-Jin is aware of her situation and decides to become her mother.

Mother (2018)

Mother (aka 마더) is a Korean Drama. Starring Lee Bo-Young, Heo Yool, Lee Hye-Young. You can watch and download full episodes with English subtitles free at MyAsianTV