Luck Key

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Name: Luck Key

Original name: 럭키

Director: Lee Gye-Byeok

Cast: Yu Hae-Jin, Lee Joon, Jo Yoon-Hee

Release year: 2016

Runtime: 112 min

Status: Complete

Country: Korean

Subtitles: English

Genre: Comedy


Hyung-Wook Yu Hae-Jin is a contract killer with a 100% success rate. One day, he goes to a public bathhouse and slips on a bar of soap. Paramedics, including Ri-Na Jo Yoon-Hee, take him to the hospital.

Luck Key (2016)

Luck Key (aka 럭키) is a Korean Movie. Starring Yu Hae-Jin, Lee Joon, Jo Yoon-Hee. You can watch and download full episodes with English subtitles free at MyAsianTV