My Little Brother

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Name: My Little Brother

Original name: 그래, 가족

Director: Ma Dae-Yoon

Cast: Lee Yo-Won, Jeong Man-Sik, Esom|

Release year: 2017

Runtime: 106 min

Status: Complete

Country: Korean

Subtitles: English

Genre: Romance, Family


Soo-Kyung Lee Yo-Won works as a reporter. She has an older brother, Sung-Ho Jeong Man-Sik, and younger sister, Joo-Mi Esom. She thinks of her two siblings as burdens. One day, Nak Jung Joon-Won appears in front of them. He is their youngest sibling.

My Little Brother (2017)

My Little Brother (aka 그래, 가족) is a Korean Movie. Starring Lee Yo-Won, Jeong Man-Sik, Esom|. You can watch and download full episodes with English subtitles free at MyAsianTV